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TRUST promotes sustainable development business long-term, help customers to analyze the every link of the supply chain including the transportation package. TRUST offers the world's advanced plastic boxes, pallets, box pallets, which is reusable and recyclable, and customizes the complete packaging solutions, which is led by inner package . TRUST also can help customer to improve their supply chain to reduce varies costs, waste and damage, which will result in profitability and environmental friendly, then long-term cost savings and sustainable development goals are available. TRUST tracks and evaluates our own use of resources and regards saving natural resources and reducing waste as our own responsibility.

TRUST's packaging experts can provide customers a full range of services:
• Analysis: A comprehensive analysis of customer’s logistics environmental conditions and product’s dynamic characteristics so as to determine the initial program;
•  Demonstration: Measure the recovery of package investment;
•  Design: Programming the complete packaging solution which is meeting the indicators of cost, damage rate and the environmental requirement;
•  Test: Having inspections according to the advanced domestic and international standards related to the project;
•  Implementation: Seamless integration, timely delivery and on-site services;
•  Development: Follow the world trend of development and to improve constantly.